Oregon, the great state to live in… and study in!

Hello there! This week, we’re off to the United States and the great state of Oregon, where it’s great to live and study. Focus on a state known for its Peace and Love, as well as one of the top…

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A focus on our life in Oregon

It’s been 5 and a half years since we’ve been living in Vancouver, WA, on the border <of Oregon and Portland, 3 and a half years since we bought a house and our next project… Going far away from here!…

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Drag boat race

Water an unconventional surface not normally associated with high-speed travel. Unconventional that is, unless you’re piloting one of the fastest boats in the world! A drag boat race is like a car show at the beach! Like their racecar counterparts,…

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Market Leads

Welcome to Market Leads, We specialize in real estate web site optimization, submissions and website popularity which will increase your chances of being found by potential customers. Having a website built is only the first step in creating an effective…

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