Published on : 14 May 20203 min reading time

Oregon State University is located in Corvallis, inland on the Willamette River. It is also one of the best public universities in America! In fact, in 2012, it was in the Top 500 universities in the world (400th place). Corvallis is a small, idyllic and safe town, where the inhabitants are very attached to the environment. OSU is one of the pioneers in environmental research. Every year, the institution welcomes about 25,000 students, making it a human-sized American campus.

Programs at Oregon State

More than 200 specializations are open to you at OSU. Whatever your desires, you will find a program that suits you. However, 2 specialties tend to stand out in this prestigious university: environmental sciences (including engineering) and business. Concerning the business programs, it is interesting to note that the university is accredited by the AACSB. This label, well known to international business schools, is a guarantee of elite training in business, finance, marketing, as well as administration. Thus, in many ways, OSU is a big stable of international higher education .

Life on the Corvallis campus

Thanks to INTO and Study Experience, you will be able to live a typical American experience in the pleasant college town that is Corvallis. Housed in the heart of the “international village”, surrounded by American and foreign students, you will discover life in a fully equipped student residence, with internet, cable, recreation rooms, gym, shared kitchens, and the famous meal plans. The latter are meal plans that tend to reassure parents who send their children abroad. As the youngest among you do not yet have the right reflexes for shopping or cooking, the meal plan is a guarantee of security in terms of good food!

How to integrate OSU?

The advantage of Study Experience’s partnership with OSU is that you can attend an elite college in the United States without having to take the SAT (for undergraduate programs) or GMAT (for postgraduate programs). Indeed, French students can enter bridge programs that mix English language learning and upgrading, as well as the core subjects of the undergraduate or graduate programs they wish to join. This is especially true for those of you who cannot obtain more than 6.5 at IELTS. At the end of their transition year, they can then go straight into the second year of a bachelor or master’s degree! The minimum requirement for joining an undergraduate programme is therefore the bachelor’s degree, while a state-recognised bachelor’s degree (usually from a public university) will be the key to a master’s degree. Entrance is in December/January, March, or September. Last but not least, applications through Study Experience allow access to scholarships. Do not hesitate to ask your advisor for more information on this subject.

Lack of recognition between different university systems can make student mobility difficult. The all too rare bridges between the French baccalaureate and American universities, as well as between bachelor’s and master’s degrees in the US, are sometimes a burden for motivated students. Thus, if you wish to join Uncle Sam’s country for a degree in business or environmental sciences, Study Experience recommends that you look into Oregon State University!