Oregon: beautiful coastline and wide open spaces

L’Oregon est aussi riche en paysages qu’en activités. Vous pouvez explorer son magnifique littoral, ses montagnes volcaniques, ses lacs cristallins et ses déserts qui s’étendent à perte de vue. Si vous êtes à la recherche de bières artisanales et gastronomiques de classe mondiale, d’aventures épiques en vélo, kayak, planche à voile ou toute autre activité, ne cherchez pas plus loin !

Oregon's wide open spaces

The great thing about Oregon’s great outdoors is that you won’t have enough time to experience them all. Find practical tips at travelboundmagazine.com and inspiration for your trip and hike along the rugged coastline or through the Willamette National Forest.

Camp in the desert near Steens Mountain or explore the snow-capped Wallowa Mountains (also known as ‘Little Switzerland’). Rent an RV from Cruise America and settle on the volcanic foothills of Mount Hood, in the beautiful Umpqua National Forest or by a mountain lake in the Deschutes National Forest.

Oregon’s state parks offer great picnic spots, as well as yurts, tepees, rustic cottages and RV rentals.

Oregon's best spots


Known for its thriving arts scene, Portland, the nation’s premier green city and Oregon’s most populous city, is attracting more and more tourists.


Shipwrecks and old lighthouses, a life of great richness and days at the beach: this is the program of your vacation on the Oregon coast.


Lots of outdoor activities, spectacular views, a vibrant downtown: that’s what makes this mountain town one of the most visited in Oregon.


Pack your bags for Eugene! Discover a dynamic student life, great festivals and American football matches.


Medford’s calling you! Discover exciting entertainment, plays, gardens and many more activities and spots.


Salem is one of the most important spots in Oregon! Discover a dynamic student life, great festivals, art treasures and much more.

Oregon best spots

Do you love the beach, good tables and waterways?

Head to Oregon now!

The Oregon area is full of surprises!

Oregon most beautiful places

Crater Lake National Park

The deepest lake in the United States (589 m) occupies a caldera, the circular crater of a collapsed volcano that once stood over 3,600 m high.

Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum

The huge and fabulous Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum complex includes several distinct and remarkable spaces where history of aviation is the name of the game.

Columbia Gorge Landscape

Stretching from the suburbs of Portland to the mouth of the Deschutes River, the Columbia River Gorge Scenic Area (1,440 km2) includes more than 90 waterfalls, national parks and cliffs over 200 m high.

Hells Canyon

The Snake River traces the border between Oregon and Idaho in the deepest canyon in North America. Isolated, Hells Canyon offers an exceptional vertical landscape.

Oregon Trail Interpretive Center

Perched on top of Flagstaff Hill, the museum protects from the ruts left by the covered wagons of the Oregon Trail: from 1842 to 1869, more than 400,000 pioneers passed west on this trail.

Columbia Maritime Museum

This exciting museum illustrates the region's long maritime tradition, from Native American canoes to the intrepid coastguards and rescuers who guard the fearsome mouth of the Columbia River.
golf in Oregon

Golfing in Oregon

The problem with golf in Oregon is that you have to choose from nearly 200 public courses. Practice your swing in the midst of spectacular sand dunes overlooking the Pacific Ocean, play in the heart of a sun-drenched wine country or take in the mountain scenery from one of the 30 courses in Central Oregon’s High Desert. Don’t miss the Bandon Dunes, voted Best Golf Course by Golf Digest and GOLF Magazine, and Pumpkin Ridge Golf Club, where Tiger Woods won the U.S. Amateur Championship three times in a row in his youth.

More unique things about Oregon...


Oregon’s cuisine and gastronomy

In Oregon, gourmet artisans are at the forefront of trends and flavors. The state is home to craft breweries, micro-distilleries and 17 wineries, and offers sea salt, ice cream, cheese and other artisan products.


Zero-rated shops

Unlike most U.S. states, there is no tax on sales in Oregon, which will save you 5-10% on all your purchases. Find your favorite brands at retailers like Nordstrom, Macy’s, H&M and Apple…

Native Americans' heritage

Although Europeans settled in Oregon as recently as 200 years ago, Native Americans have inhabited this region for thousands of years. Learn about their history in Oregon’s information centers and museums. Visit the Tamástslikt Cultural Institute in Pendleton to learn more about the Cayuse, Umatilla and Walla Walla Indian tribes. Exhibits and events there will introduce you to the traditional songs and dances, art, language, clothing, religion and cuisine of these tribes.